Who we are

GoWoo was established in 2020 with the goal of bringing better goods with better prices to consumers. We are a marketplace that connects millions of agricultural producers with consumers across Malaysia and around the worlds. Farm-to-table will be more efficient and save for every parties in the future.  By that, GoWoo targeted to bring more people and businesses into the digital economy so that everyone can benefit from the new market opportunities.

In addition, value creation for our consumer does not mean we have to minimized the profit for our merchant and lower their seller price. It is about systematically examining and improving each part of the supply chain to achieve more value for a win-win situation.

We also consider the information, knowledge and social interaction between our buyers and sellers as part of the value creation from GoWoo e-commerce model.

Our corporate responsibility efforts is to promoting digital economy in agricultural industries. We aim to create more new jobs and market opportunities to people in order to increase the productivity and convenience in this ecosystem.

Environment Protection

We will reduce wastage and promote efficiency by reengineering the traditional agricultural and manufacturing supply chain through our consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) business model and livestreaming to cut down that layers of intermediaries. 


Future Investment

We seek to improve the overall level of governance and create more opportunities for youngster to join into agricultural industries in order to improve the productivity and quality of goods by exporting instead of import. Thus, scientific research and technological innovation are the first priority to improve the outcome of agricultural industries.